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November 23, 2012
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Skylanders Giants: NINJINI by MAD-project Skylanders Giants: NINJINI by MAD-project
"Any Last Wishes?"

Done by Mad Green, the Magic Giant.
We decided not to do her with bulky muscles, but to give her more generous curves.
She's a giant, ok, but she's still a ninja, and a mage. Not a body builder.

Hope you'll like it.
Stay tuned for more mad arts.
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Your piece here is a very well done. She does look like a female genie out of ancient (not to be offensive if I get this wrong) Muslim myths crossed with a modern sense of style. The ruby necklace is a great little touch that was nice to see. While the eyes look weird, the eye shadow like shading above them adds to her basic color scheme. The fishnets around her breasts, look like they are handmade and delicate. The ears feel over peirced however. Also the shading of her hair has an unnatural shade of red, I think more of a ginger style shading might've worked better. Also the two black stripes on the back of her skirt makes me wonder if that's her butt.

Even through all of that, Mad Green did an amazing job in drawing this. She did make an amazing piece, the purplish clouds around her symbolises the power of magic in a great fashion. Also the fact that she's "zapping" out of her lamp really adds a shade to this character.
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MusicAndArtRocker Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ninjini is my fav giant in game... love this
This is a amazing drawing,ninjini is my fav skylander by far 👍 keep up the amazing work 
deadmastermaker666 Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
  why do most female skylanders look human
Oh, yeah, I wanted to ask...
Can I recolor this into Scarlet Ninjini and send it to you?
no problems, do as you wish, just remember, if you wanna post it elsewhere, to add proper credits. You can post it in the Mad-Project Arts too.
-Consider this a Mini-Critique-

First Words: Unlike everybody else, I don't see the gigantic 'bahoobehs' as anything that big of a deal, and I don't see it as erotic either. I like this art simply because it is a realistic and well-done representation of an already cool character, and I very much like art that falls within that category (most of it that I've seen is Bionicle, so this is something new :D ).
Artistic Critique: The design (that means character+outfit design as well), background, mood, AND the background's mood and design (lol) very much fit with this character of a magical ninja-genie. It reflects the mystery of both sides (ninja and genie), and you can see a look that fits well with a genie's attitude (sly and somewhat laid back). The only real downside I can see is that the large breasts may be giving others the wrong idea about this amazing drawing. (oh yeah, i almost forgot to mention, your drawing skills are amazing)
Final Rating: 4.9/5.0- Very skillful work. Keep being awesome.
WOW very sexy and nice big boobage too ;)
My wish from Ninjini, would be for Her to go out and date Me
GrandMasterFlash-1 Mar 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
this gave me a boner
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